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What is No Hands Massage?

- No Hands Massage is a dynamic new approach to Massage and is fast gaining a reputation as one of the most powerful new therapeutic Massage treatments available.

- It was conceived and developed by British therapist Gerry Pyves and is currently being launched in the USA.

- It works by the therapist mainly using the soft surfaces of the forearms combined with body weight, providing (if required) a deeper, comfortable pressure and a very  structural massage.  

The Therapist does use hands throughout the treatment, although no stress is placed through the hands/wrists to avoid damage and this makes for a more comfortable massage for you.

- A No Hands massage is tailored to your needs.  From a gentle nurturing massage, through to a structural deep session to get rid of muscular tension, or may be a bit of both.

- No Hands is a zero pain massage.

- Clients comment that it calms their minds very quickly mind enabling them to deeply relax. It helps with anxiety related disorders and undeniably for all of my clients, brings deep relaxation and uplifts them.  They comment on its powerful effects which are felt long after the treatment has finished.

Tara Buckel is registered as an Advanced Therapist in the No Hands  Technique, giving added security of knowing that she is a competent, professional therapist who’s been endorsed by one of the UK’s most respected Massage therapists – Gerry Pyves.